Consideration #1: What’s the End Game, Here, Anyway?

I would hope that The Faith-ing Project is something that helps you…  For a while.

However, I want to tell you that I worry a little bit.  I don’t think, across a pattern of years and decades, that rotating across a huge number of spiritual practices is a particularly wise idea.  My best understanding is that significant spiritual growth occurs when we settle down and submit ourselves to a small number of practices.  Doing the same thing, day and in day out, is difficult.  And I think that is part of the point.  The idea of submission and discipline have been horrifically abused.  But I believe that they are good things.

Look at it this way:  I believe that eventually settling down, into a monogamous relationship is a good thing for many people.  I believe there are lessons we learn in that act of submission to another person, in the discipline it takes to stay comitted, that we can’t learn anywhere else.

However, if it’s going to work, it’s wise to choose a partner carefully.  One way to choose a partner is to date lots of people and see what works.  When you have something good, commit to that!

So consider The faith-ing Project like a dating website for your soul.  Play the field for a while.  Try out an exclusive relationship, when that feels right.  If it doesn’t work out with your chosen practices, we will be here, waiting with some more.


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