Exercise 24: Meeting with Jesus

Background:  Often, when we visualize an event, there is a desire to place it in an either/or category.

Harry Potter captures this well.  Near the climax of the entire series, events occur in another world, away from the action.  The things that occur there do not seem possible.  The title character asks, “Was this real?  Or is it happening in my head?”

The sage-like Albus Dumbledore answers “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

This is a helpful way to enter into visualizations.  Perhaps they are the place where our minds intersect with something bigger than us.  But even if it is only us…   This too, is real.

The more the senses are engaged in visualizations, the more powerful they tend to be.  When they leave the setting open to your own history, it can be wonderful to return to a setting that you have fond memories of, perhaps a place that you can not easily go back to.

In today’s exercise, you will be invited to meet with Jesus.  Perhaps you will substitute this appearance with someone else.  Maybe you don’t have a name for Spirit as Spirit shows up.

Lots can be reaped out of this experience if we resist the temptation to turn this into a historical quest.  Getting caught up on the details we don’t know can sour this experience.

Spiritual Exercise

  1.  Place your feet flat on the floor.  Breathe.
  2. Choose a setting you know well.  Preferably an outside environment.
  3. After you have recalled what this place looks like, furnish the sounds.  Feel the temperature of the air.  Consider the smells.
  4. See yourself walking along a path in this special place.
  5. Feel yourself approached by a figure.  This is Jesus.  Jesus will be walking with you, today.
  6. It might be a while before Jesus speaks.  Perhaps there won’t be any words at all.
  7. Continue the walk for as long as you would like.  Enjoy your time with him.


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