Discussing the Essence

Fill out a contact form above, or email otherjeffcampbell7@gmail.com to recieve the link. ‘Discussing the Essence’ will meet on alternate weeks. Here is the general routine:

5-10 minute icebreaker (yes, introverts. It will be optional.)

5-10 minute reading from ‘Discovering the Essence

5-10 minute reflection from guests (There might be some weeks without a guest.)

15-20 minute guided spiritual practice

20-30 minute general discussion

We’ll use ‘Discovering the Essence‘ as a sort-of blue print, borrowing the topics from the chapters in order. This means that the first week will cover the introduction’s theme of ‘You will be ok’ and ‘Why Spiritual Practice?’ The next session, meeting January 28 will explore the question ‘What do I believe now?’ February 11’s topic will be ‘Who is left in my life now?’ and Feb 25 will cover the question ‘My God, why have you forsaken me?’ (This is an exploration of the sense of estrangement and isolation from God.)

I believe firmly that there are millions of us who might benefit from an opporutnity to process and discuss our spiritual transition. However, some might require more intensive support than this program can offer. Religious trauma is a real and often destructive force. I wish to be clear that I am a deconstructed, Christ-centered mystic with good intentions. I am not a trained therapist. While it’ll be nice to see lots of friendly faces on zoom, it’s much more important that people take care of themselves. If you would benefit from professional mental health support I strongly encourage you to seek this out.


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