Apophatic Practices

If you would like a systematic approach to building your Apophatic Practices, take a look at “The Book of Apophatic Meditation.”

There is an entire tradition associated with un-knowing.  It begins with a recognition that God is not like anything else.  Our words and ideas fail us.

A practice which helps to get our minds to this place is  3-step process:

* We make a statement.  (God is wisdom.)

* We negate the statement.  (God is not wisdom.)

* we negate the negation.  (God is not not-wisdom.)

This is a challenging and occasionally transcendent practice.

Click here to approach this is with a set of pre-designed statements.

Click here  to apply the 3 steps to your own statements.

In a more general way, any practice is apophatic which does not rely on words.  One example can be found here.

For a more in depth discussion of this concept, click here.