Audio files associated with books from the Faith-ing Project

The Faith-ing Project is excited to present books that can be purchased through Amazon.  These are available as paper back or e-books.

At this time, meditations from  two books are available: The Book of Breath Prayers and The Book of Apophatic Meditation.

Audio files meant to accompany these works are below.

The book of Apophatic Meditation

The audio file below is from Exercise A of the book.  It will assist with generating a list of subject to be explored in Apophatic Meditation.

This audio file is from Exercise C of the book.  It will assist with generating a list of objects to be prayed over:

This audio file is drawn from exercise E.  It is a brief meditation using only the first 2 sentences (the affirmation and the negation) with 3 repeats each of the sentences “God is love.”  and “God is peace.”


The following is an audio representation of practice “H.”  It is a complete apaphatic meditation built around the single phrase, “Jesus is here.”

The following meditation incorporates elements of both exercise “I” and exercise “K”


The Book of Breath Prayers

Exercise 1 focuses on the breath as God’s name.

Exercise 3 breathe’s in God’s breath, and breathes out stress and tension from the entire body.

Exercise 5: A meditation on the reality that God is Love.