Authors & Personalities & Organizations

This page contains link to authors and podcasters.  Roughly speaking, this is in the order of importance they have had in the journey of Jeff, Director of the Faith-ing Project.

Richard Rohr Father Rohr is the author of dozens of books.  They are some times very difficult reads.  His more recent books:  Falling Upwards (about spirituality in the second half of life) and The Divine Dance (about the trinity) are particular favorites of mine.  He often pitches the importance of contemplative activities.  He less frequently explores just how to engage in these.  Rohr is one of the minds behind The Center for Action and Contemplation.   I strongly recommend CAC’s free daily email as a way to introduce yourself to his work.

Justin over at ‘In search of a New Eden’ is doing great and important work.  You can find the website here and the facebook group here.  This group does some incredible work on rooting the historical background of Christian mysticism into practices today.  They have an outstanding podcast, blog, and courses.  They offer lots of free items that are well-done and valuable, such as a 3 part video introduction to Christian mysticism.

The Liturgists     At the center of this collective are “Science” Mike McHargue and musician Michael Gungor.  They put together a pretty amazing podcast and gatherings.  If you became a patron, you access other content such as regular meditations.  The initial meditations they offered were part of the original liturgies they created.  I have put all those liturgies on a single spotify playlist.  You can access that here.  If you are looking for some audio tracks to begin with, these are excellent.


I have also fallen in love with the The Encounter Silence Podcast.  Three excellent interviewers find a dizzying array of insightful guests.

Finally, Krista Tripper has been interviewing the wisest minds from all sorts of spiritually-related arenas here.