Book-Inspired Regimens

Book-inspired regimens feature custom-designed spiritual exercises correlated to each chapter of some of the most inspiring books available.  There are several reasons to use these regimens:

* Deepen your experience and understanding of the concepts in the book.

* Practices new exercises with material you are familiar with.

* Exercises are easily adapted to small group or book club settings.

In most cases, there are advantages to either doing the exercise before or after reading the chapter; or even doing the exercises before AND after.

Regimens for the first half of the books are available to everyone free of charge.   Patrons always have access to all of the full regimens we have available.  If you are not a Patron,  The regimen for the second half of the book is available on a “Pay what it is worth” model.  We are leaving it up to you to decide what the second half of the regimen is worth to you.  Perhaps $1.00 is what you can space.  Perhaps it is worth more to you.

To receive the second half of a regimen, send payment in the amount you have decided on via paypal to   (Patrons who wish to receive the second half of any of the regimens should also email that adress.)  A PDF will be sent out as soon as payment is recieved.

The first Regimen available is Rachel Held Evans’ Inspired.  Click here to see it!

Our second regimen is for Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond.  Click here to view this!

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