Selections from Faith-ing Project Books.

The Faith-ing Project is my labor of love.  It is born out of a desire to to make a wide array of contemplative practices available to everyone, regardless of the ability to pay.  An outgrowth of this website is the books, available through Amazon.  Purchasing the books through Amazon does, of course, cost money.  I am incredibly thankful and quite frankly touched by the support of those who have spent their hard-earned money on these books.  Among other things, these funds have supported my work here on the website, making the practices available to everyone.

The links below will bring you to brief selections from the books that are currently out.  I hope that this will assist you in determining if the books are right for you.  I love talking about my work and contemplative practices in general.  If you fill out a comment form by clicking the link above, and share thoughts, questions, and concerns, I will get back to you.

If you are not in a position to purchase any of these books but feel that they could be helpful, I would be honored to share their contents with you.  Please click the comments and let me know an email address I can send you a file to.

‘Discovering the Essence: How to Grow A Spiritual Practice When Your Religion is Cracking Apart’ is a new and different book for me.  It is honest and transparent; offering more of me than the previous guides which primarily listed spiritual practices.  The release date is November, 2020.  The publisher is Anamchara Books.  Click here for more information about this book. 

To read a free sample of the first several pages of “What I learned In My Cell” click here.   To order the e-book from Amazon, click here.   To order it as a paperback, click here.

To read a free sample of the first several pages of “Building Your Spiritual Practice” click here.  To order the book, click here.