Support in Building Your Spiritual Practice


The Faith-ing Project exists to support you in building your spiritual practice.  If you would like to explore out catalog of spiritual practices, click here.  On this page, you will find resources designed to support you in a broader way.

We have created a series of paperback and e-books dedicated to supporting you.    See the main Faith-ing Project page to interact with The Book of Apophatic Meditation.  Explore the images below to see more on the Book of Breath Prayers.

For information on special offers related to these books, click here.   

To access the audio files related to these books, click here.

Living a life enriched by spiritual practices is more than just the time we give to these practices.  Click here to see the broader context.

Writers such as Richard Rohr and Rachel Held Evans have written some powerful works.  We have created some explorations of these works.  For more details, click here.

The Faith-ing Project was born from a desire to make spiritual practices available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.  However, there are costs associated with the building and maintaining this structre.  If you are interested in finding out some of the benefits of becoming a patron, click here. 

This is not a journey I could have done alone.  To take a look at some influential writers, thinkers, bloggers, podcasters and other influencers click here.