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Exercise 9: Sacred Writing with a Deliberative Focus

Background: This practice might be particularly useful for those of us who use writing as a way to process our thoughts and feelings.


1) Gather the items you will need to write.

2) As best you can, release your worries and concerns.

3) Take a few deep, cleansing breaths.  You might even consider using, briefly, one of the other exercises to come to a place of peace.

4)  Talk to God.  Express the things that are on your heart.

5)  Listen.  Is God saying anything in response?

6)  Write an account of this experience.  Begin, as best as you can remember, with the things you said to God.  Then write the things that God might have said to you in response.  Express how sure you are?  Is it just a vague suspicion that God responded?  A deep conviction?  Somewhere between?

7)  When you are done with this account of what happened, write about the things you are thinking now.  How do you feel about the things God said to you?  How do you feel about the things you said to God?


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