There are a wide range of ways to use the imagination and visual field for spiritual exercises.

There are, of course, things we can watch that can lull us into a state of awareness of the present moment.  Flames, waves crashing on the shore, and clouds blowing across the sky are some personal favorites of ours.  For a little more, click here.

There are also scenes which lend themselves to meditation.  Click here to explore our first riverside meditation: the emphasis is on clearing the mind.  If you would rather consider a riverside meditation which explores questions of identity and the true self, then click here.

The Buddhist Tonglen practice asks us to visualize taking on the pain of another, and to transform this into something different.  To take a look at Tonglen, click here.

A famous Mother Theresa quote inspired a practice that asks us to enjoy the silence by listening to God listen to us.  Click here to take a look.

For a simple visualization built on meeting Jesus on a path, click here.

To explore Ignatius’ Examen click here.

A second approach to the Examen can be found here.

To explore a visualization built around emptying ourselves to make room for God’s love, click here.

An exercise which considers the idea of mirroring is here.

An exercise built around a famous quote of Meister Eckharts is here.

A one-ness building nature meditation is here.

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