Exercise 11: The Word We Need the Most

Background: One of the most stunning images in the book of Revelation is the idea that we will be given a stone engraved with our true name.

I don’t know if we can find that true name in this life.  But I do know that sometimes, a single word can make a whole lot of difference.

As you engage this, or any practice which seeks to clear the mind, do your best to recognize that the goal is not to have a distraction-free mind.  Don’t grow frustrated as thoughts, feelings, and memories enter your awareness.  It is your mind’s job to furnish thoughts, feelings, and memories.  These will arise.  Growing frustrated with them chains us to a hamster wheel, a vicious circle.

Instead of growing frustrated with the “intrustions.”  Give yourself a bit of credit as you remember to gently dismiss these perceptions with your sacred word.


  1. Place your feet flat on the floor.  Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  2. Ask God– or yourself– where you are, right now.  Consider how you are doing.
  3. Move on to thinking about what it is you most need.  
  4. As best you can, boil this down to a single word.  Consider words like “Peace.”  “Loved.”  “Calm.”  “Safe.”  “Settled.”
  5. Say that word that you need the most.  Hear it being said to you.  Hear it being said by you.
  6. Continue your slow and careful breathing.  Release everything else.
  7. When thoughts, feelings, concerns threaten to intrude, introduce your sacred word.  Be assured: This word, applied gently to the intrusion, is enough.  It will dismiss your concerns.


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