Exercise 8: Sacred Writing With an Unconscious Focus.

Background: The most important thing, here,  is to keep writing.

The act of writing calls on a very different part of the brain than the act of editing.  Write, write, write!  This is not the time for editing.


1) Gather whatever materials you will need.

2) Consider the following list.  Choose one or two prompts to return to each time you feel that you might run out of things to write:  God, you….    /  God I…./  I am…/  I was…./  I will…./  I believe….   /  I fear…./  I know…

Let these words be a sort-of refrain that you return to.

3) Set a timer for a duration; about as long as you feel like you can write.  Renew your comitment to write, and to continue to write during this time.

4)  Take a deep cleansing breath.

5)  Begin.  Do not stop until your timer beeps.

6) Read your work.  Consider what it means.

7)  Take another deep and cleansing breath.

8) Spend some time with God.  Thank God for showing up in your work today.


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